Aspiring & Current Influencers...


Ever want to start a blog but didn't know where to start?


Frustrated with your blog's lack of growth?


Get ready to start & grow the successful blog of your dreams!

This is a blogging course unlike any other! Backed by 5 years of personal experience and proven success within the influencer industry, this E-Course will be the #1 step-by-step guide for both aspiring and current influencers to create & grow their own blog easily, efficiently, and correctly.

No confusion, no nonsense, and no time wasted! 

What To Expect & Learn...

  • How To Set Up A Self-Hosted Wordpress Website
  • Site Layout & Logo Development
  • Understanding Plug-Ins, SEO, Embedded Links, Basic HTML
  • Setting Up a Business Email & PayPal Account
  • What You'll Need & How To Use (Camera, Photo Editing Software)
  • Strategizing Growth Techniques For Social Media Platforms 
  • Tips To Sharing Content & Landing Sponsored Opportunities
  • Bonus I: How To Build A Strong Media Kit
  • Bonus II: Tips To Taking Amazing Photos
  • Bonus III: Brand Pitch Email Templates

Why This Course...

Unlike many blogging e-courses out there, this course is designed to TEACH you how to create and grow your blog step-by-step. I will be with you every step of the way, assisting you when help is needed, SHOWING how to set up & strategize your blog rather than offering vague written explanations.

I've BEEN THERE before; I had to teach myself everything on my own so I totally UNDERSTAND how frustrating setting up and growing a blog can be when the industry lacks helpful resources.

That's why I want this course to be the golden ticket I wish I had when I started blogging! I want to share with you what I've personally done to create & grow my blog from an online passion project to my full-time career today!

If starting a blog is something you've always dreamed of, rest assured you will get started on the right foot by signing up for this E-Course!

Meet Tilden

I’m 26 years young, New Jersey born & raised and currently living in New York City. I started my blog To Be Bright on January 22, 2013 in my college apartment at 2:00am EST.

What began as an online resume  & passion project has become my full-time career today, resulting from organic growth, experimental strategy, and tons of trial & error.

I taught myself everything I know & can't wait to share my tips & tricks that led to my own blog's success, so you can become a full-time influencer too!